VRA Divisions

Learn more about the many divisions of the Virginia Rehabilitation Association.

Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Leadership (VARL)

VARL is a professional association that aims to develop, improve, and strengthen leadership skills and practices in both public and private rehabilitation organizations.

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Virginia Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association (VRCEA)

It is the mission of VRCEA to advance the profession of rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation education by promoting ethical practice, enhancing public understanding, and developing innovative programs and services for all persons with disabilities.

Virginia Job Placement and Development Division (VJPD)

The purpose of the National Rehabilitation Association of Job Placement & Development is to advance employment opportunities for all individuals with disabilities by: Encouraging, supporting and promoting job placement activities. Promoting wider understanding and vocational acceptance of individuals with disabilities. Encouraging job placement considerations throughout rehabilitation process. Fostering research and publication of articles on the philosophy, techniques and experience in selective job placement. Developing professionals standards for persons and facilities engaged in placement of individuals with disabilities. Conducting meeting, seminars and clinics to improve the capabilities of effectiveness of those engaged on selective job placement. Developing professional training opportunities for all persons directly in selective placement of individuals with disabilities. Attracting people with interest and initiative into the field of selective job placement, elevating the discipline in stature, and encouraging nondiscrimination impedes the employment of individuals with disabilities.

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